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South Africa And The 2010 World Cup: In The Eye Of The Storm- Rise of the Second Revolution Against the ANC Government

Since the announcement by FiFA that the 2010 World Cup Finals between 32 countries will be held in South Africa, the euphoria has ebbed with the events characteristic of South Africa. The poor majority saw themselves enriched,with that announcements, and they had high hopes that better times have come to South Africa, at last. The newly democratically elected ANC(African National Congress), egged the people on about the importance of having the World Cup in South Africa.

Deals were cut with many people in the government bureaucracy and private sectors and entities. All sorts of promises were heaped upon the unsuspecting poor and sick multitudes regarding the coming World Cup which wil

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The law on blogs

Blogs are an exciting way to express ideas and images and attorney Tyrone Walker, a director at Moore Attorneys, explained how bloggers can protect their work.

Walker defined a blog as a discussion, informational website or web page which includes text entries or posts which are often informal.

"Anyone can start their own blog as it's the new way of raising one's opinion about something in a quick easy-to-read article which can be published on the Internet," he said.

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He advised bloggers on how they could protect the content on their blog.

"Firstly, we can protect the name of the blog by means of a trademark. Some examples of blogs protected by means of trademarks include Lovefood, Blog, The Pretty Blog, Freshly Blogged and Stellenblog."

The second form of protection comes in the form of copyright law. Copyright law is not like a trademark, patent or design whereby it is registered on a government database.

"Copyright would normally automatically subsist and provides the creator of an original work with exclusive legal rights. An exception to this rule is cinematograph films which can be registered."

Copyright covers all works which are written down, musical works such as songs, artistic works such as paintings, films, sound recordings, broadcasts, programme-carrying signals, published editions and computer programs.

"The Internet has undoubtedly changed the way people treat copyrighted material. Yet the mere fact that it has become common for people to uplift material from the Internet does not make it legal."

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A recent example of copyright infringement in South Africa is the Moneyweb versus Media24 case. The issue was whether Media24, owner of the online financial news aggregator, Fin24, infringed Moneyweb's copyright in seven articles.

Walker said the articles had been written by journalists for Moneyweb, and Fin24 had used parts of the articles in its publication.

"The judge held that, of the seven articles, only three actually enjoyed copyright because they failed to show that the creation of the articles involved their own skill or labour. The judge held that copyright in only one article had been infringed as there had almost been word-for-word copying."

A blog may possibly be made up of a written piece, a video and or a painting or drawing by the blogger. According to Walker, the Copyright Act will cover all of these works automatically as long as they are original and are created by the owner.

"I always recommend that an owner of a copyright mark his material or work with the copyright symbol. An example can be Copyright 2017 Tyrone Walker of Moore Attorneys Inc.

"So the next time you create your own blog or even a business presentation, please don't forget the symbol."

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Pistorius Judge Ruling on Bail

Aired February 22, 2013 - 08:00 ET


DESMOND NAIR, CHIEF MAGISTRATE, SOUTH AFRICA: Oscar told Alex that he had fallen for Reeva and wasn't afraid to express it. He explained Oscar and Reeva were comfortable with each other and they were happy when he met them in December 2012.

He further explains that they were always at ease around each other and made each other laugh. He never saw them argue or fight. It was clear to him that they were very much in love. From the

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Top 10 professional life coaching myths

Life coaching is all the rage. Harvard Business Review reports that coaching is a $1 billion a year industry, but just what is a personal coach, professional coach, or life coach and why are so many executives and individuals using them to catapult their careers, break free from 9-5 jobs, and to create better, more fulfilling, richer lives?

First, what is a professional coach? The International Coach Federation (ICF) -- the leading global coaching organization and professional association for coaches -- defines coaching as "partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential."

Second, who's using coaches? In a 2009 study of the professional coaching industry by the Chartered Institute of Personnel Development (CIPD), they found that coaching was used by 90% of organizations surveyed and that even in the economic downturn, 70% report that they are increasing or maintaining their commitment to coaching. Coaching is clearly popular, but what does a professional coach do?

As with any growing profession, there can be a lot of confusion. To help distinguish fact from fiction, click through the pages to read the top 10 personal coaching myths...

Top 10 Professional Life Coaching Myths

Myth #1: Life coaches are professionals who can help you achieve your goals.

Fact: Some, but certainly not all coaches are professionals who can help you reach your goals. One of the problems in the coaching industry is that anyone can call themselves a professional coach, life coach, personal coach, etc. Jennifer Corbin, the president of Coach U, one of the largest and oldest coach training organizations in the world, has said, "Technically, anyone can hang up a shingle as coaching is not regulated. Many people 'coaching' have no idea what coaching is as they haven't been trained or haven't been coached by a professionally trained and credentialed coach. There are 'schools' that will offer a credential after three hours of training and people read a book or watch a TV program and decide 'I'm a coach!'" As a result, the quality of coaches vary dramatically. I strongly suggest working with a coach that has been accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF). The ICF provides independent certification that is the benchmark for the professional coaching industry.

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An Outline on Law, Lawyers and Law Firms

Law is a constitution, which establishes and defines the conditions of the state and its organization. Law is a basis for the society. The society makes use of the law as the primary building blocks to get justice. Its main aim is to bring justice at various places, for example in the place of employment; it checks out whether all the employees are equally treated or not.

Categories of law:

Criminal law and Civil law are the two categories of law. Issues regarding property, contract and everything other than criminal cases come under civil law. All the criminal issues come under criminal law. The main purpose of the criminal law is to protect the public from the individuals, who threatens the public by their actions and this law gives all the power to the state to punish those individuals.

The following are some of the types of law. They are bankruptcy, civil rights, education, intellectual property, real estate and taxation.

Lawyers-Backbone of the legal system:

In general, legal system affects every aspect of the society. Lawyers play the role of both advocates and advisors. A lawyer's job depends upon their area of specialization and position. So, according to the area of specialization, they may take up cases and argue over it, at the same time, they should strictly adhere themselves to the code of ethics. Some lawyers work for some private and non-profit organizations, to help the poor people. They make use of law libraries to collect argumentative points for their cases. Nowadays, lawyers make use of various technologies to do their work more efficiently. The following are some of the important responsibilities to be accomplished by the lawyers in the court

1. Oral arguments.

2. Carrying out research and drafting legal papers.

3. Advocacy.

4. Counseling the clients.

5. Legal advice.

6. Drafting contracts.

7. On the whole, lawyer is client's representative in the court, legal system officer and a public citizen, who has special responsibility.

Law firm:

It is a business organization formed by the lawyers to engage themselves in law practice. The job of the law firm is to give information regarding their legal rights and responsibilities.

Benefits of a law firm:

- They attract the most complex and challenging work.

- Law firms have enough resources to provide legal education.

- Provides in-house training on variety of issues.

- Enables young associates to gain experience through participation.

The Area of Law in Kelowna provides a directory (list) of lawyers and law firms and their areas of specialization. By searching through the net, it is possible to choose the right lawyer according to your cases. Similarly in Penticton, the list of lawyers and law firms are provided by the corresponding area of law. Law firms in Kelowna, Penticton and West bank has many numbers of professional lawyers, legal assistants, technical consultants and other staffs.

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Meritas Concludes UK Law Firm Selection.

Business Editors & Legal Writers


Meritas, a worldwide legal alliance of 200 law firms in 60

countries with an annual combined turnover of $1 billion, announces the

admittance of London law firm Finers Stephens Innocent (FSI) to

membership. This follows an extensive recruitment programme to secure a

London member firm.

The addition of FSI, top rated in the areas of media, IT and IP,

advances the Meritas strategy of offering New Economy clients

predictable, high quality worldwide legal service, supported by specific

technology tools for efficient work coordination.

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Standards for nursing agencies in South Africa.


The purpose with this research is to formulate standards for

nursing agencies in South Africa. The researcher was approached by the

Association of Nursing Agencies in South Africa (ANASA) to assist them

with the development of a quality/accreditation programme for nursing

agencies. An exploratory and descriptive quantitative research design

was employed. A structured two-phase model was utilised consisting of a

developmental and a quantification phase for the development of

standards and criteria. A series of four workshops were held during

which a framework for the standards was developed, draft standards were <